John and Isabelle Atkinson of
Maitland and Co

Beginning as a soldier settlement block post World War 1 Maitland has gradually expanded over the generations to become the property it is today. John is 3rd generation continuing the farming tradition.

John and Isabelle along with their three daughters are the current owners of Maitland. The native pasture runs provide the perfect shelter for rearing lambs, whilst the improved and partly irrigated arable country provide plenty of feed to ensure their animals are fed year round. They participate in organisations such as landcare and are accredited with the New England Wool’s Sustainawool program which ensures that they are meeting high standards of animal welfare practices.

Preservation is key for John and Isabelle – being able to leave the land in a better condition for future generations. This view has always been John’s approach to farm management wanting sustainable farming practices for focus protection of the land.

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