Tim Gunn of
Est. 1956

Gunnston was first developed as a soldier settlement block at the end of the second World War in 1956.The original owner married a lady with the maiden name Gunn, which is how the property name was derived. Tims family bought Gunnston in 1987 and have been running it since.

Situated on Tasmania’s windswept Northern coastline; Gunnston looks out to Bass Straight. The coastal climate provides the ideal environment to grow luxurious fine merino wool. The shallow sandy soils paired with coastal bushland provide lush feed and great shelter to nurture the sheep.

Tim is passionate about looking after the land hence is active involvement with Landcare. He feels that wool growing is one of the most user friendly and least invasive ways of farming. Stock health and responsible farming practices are paramount at Gunnston, ensuring that their annual clip of 60 bales of superfine merino wool, is produced with minimal impact on the environment.

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