David, James and John Amos of
Cranbrook Estate

John Amos who founded Cranbrook Estate, arrived in Hobart from Scotland with his family on ‘The Emerald’ in 1821. On board he had 2 Saxon Merino sheep. He selected his grant finally, on the eastern bank of the Swan River at Cranbrook. By 1823 he had 100 sheep in his flock.

Cranbrook Estate is still held by the direct descendants of the original settler John Amos, through the male line. Cranbrook Estate is one of the oldest, continuously run, family farming businesses in Australia. The sixth and seventh generations are still operating the mixed farming enterprise.

The Cranbrook Estate brand recognises the importance of the Merino blood line. Over almost two hundred years, careful selection has yielded soft, fine, white merino wool from naturally grown pastures on Tasmania’s East coast. The Amos’ value animal welfare and ensure that the environment is sustainable for future generations.

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