Roderic O’Connor of
Est. 1824

Held by the O’Connor family since 1824. Connorville is one of Tasmania’s original wool properties and has a very long association with the production of premium superfine and fine merino wool. Annually, Connorville produces 320 bales of fine merino wool and 130 bales of fine cross-bred wool – making it one of the larger fine wool producers in Tasmania. In 1989, Connorville broke the world record sale price for a bale of wool – fetching $3070 per kilogram – a staggering $300,850 for a bale sold to Fujii Keori Ltd of Japan.

Currently owned and managed by Roderic O’Connor, Connorville is a family operation. Roderic and his wife, Kate, share a long-term vision for the property – that is to protect and improve native vegetation, grasslands and grazing country, so that their children, Philippa, India and Lachlan Roderic, may enjoy it for generations to come.

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