Andrew Campbell of
Est 1963

Carisbrooke was developed by the Campbell family from a bare block, purchased at the end of soldier settlement after the second World War. Andrew took over management in 2001 and continues the passion for farming and caring for the land.

Andrew believes in sustainable agriculture – not wanting to destroy the landscape to gain a profit. He wants to preserve the ecological diversity in the landscape and ensure that the biodiversity of vegetation remains. Grass trials conducted in the area are beneficial to Carisbrooke as Andrew aims to establish long-term perennial grasses which are climate specific.

Carisbrooke is fenced to suit the properties varying soil types, and the lay of the land. A laneway system is in place for ease of management, and low stress stock handling. Annually, Carisbrooke produces 80 bales of superfine merino wool, averaging 18.3 micron.

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