Chris and Shelley Cocker of
Est. 1952

Barega merino is pure merino wool which captures the quality of our merinos in their non mulesed, chemical free merino fleeces. A sustainable and ethical merino wool fibre of an untold merino story at Barega farm, the home of our easy care merino and their disease free merino fleece.

Chris and Shelly Cocker believe strongly in animal health and welfare. They care about their flock, using low stress stockmanship practices and snow comb shearing to leave a wool stubble for extra protection at times of seasonal change. Breeding and rearing superfine merinos without the need to mules and with a high resistance to disease. Supplementary feeding in times of need, monitoring their merino sheep health and treating unwell animals close to home are some of the practices employed at Barega merino farm.

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