What we stand for – our values.

Tasmanian Merino™ stands for: Sustainability. Our pristine environment, fresh water and clean air are the ingredients that create the high-quality product that end-consumers value and our livelihoods depend on.‘Clear conscience’ approach to farming. We always act with care and passion for the environment, animals and the community we are part of.

Our values connect with what matters to the next generation of consumers.

Around the world, there is a growing movement of consumers who are: Looking for meaning, smart, informed and hyper-connected, conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions. Most importantly, they share our values and want to be personally involved in the story of what they buy.

From grower to garment – Traceability matters.

The growing interest in ‘place of origin’ aligns with a broader desire among consumers to know more about where the things they buy are grown and made. This creates the imperative for traceability.

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